MP for Calgary Shepard

About Tom

Tom Kmiec was born in Poland and raised in Quebec, where he graduated from Concordia University with a Bachelor degree in Political Science. He has a Master’s degree from Regent University, Virginia, USA, in American Government with a concentration in Terrorism and Homeland Security.

Tom Kmiec is the Member of Parliament for Calgary Shepard currently serving his second term on behalf of the residents of Calgary Shepard.

He presently serves as the Conservative National Caucus Chair for Her Majesty‚Äôs Loyal Opposition and has previously served on the Finance and Foreign Affairs committees, the two most high-profile parliamentary committees. In his foreign affairs work, Tom was heavily involved in the passage of the Magnitsky Act that punishes human rights abusers overseas from using Canada’s financial system to hide their ill-gotten goods.

Tom is a long-time conservative activist having served on electoral district association boards, on provincial leadership committees and helped conservative candidates at the civic, provincial and federal level.

Tom has also served for ministers both provincially and federally in portfolios as diverse as Finance, Immigration, Sustainable Resource Development and National Defense.

He is a past manager of policy and research with the Calgary Chamber of Commerce and the past registrar for the human resources profession in the province of Alberta. In the latter role he developed the first Alberta Human Resources Trends survey that provided labour market information from HR professionals across the province of Alberta and received national coverage in the Globe and Mail as well as Macleans magazine.

Tom is a past board member with the Kidney Foundation of Canada’s southern Alberta chapter and a 2-time Kidney Marcher.