Protecting Freedom of Speech

Bill C-11 has returned to MPs from the Senate with more amendments. Canadian heritage minister Pablo Rodriguez has said that despite the Senate’s reasonable amendments to help fix the valid concerns of industry experts, academics and online content creators, the Trudeau government will not accept any of the amendments that would have fixed the legislation. Canadians are now effectively left with the same serious concerns about what this law means for free speech with the Trudeau government’s rejection of an amendment to protect user uploaded content.​

If the law proceeds without keeping the Senate’s amendments to protect individuals, as Minister Rodriguez has indicated, Canadians are left with the question of whether they are comfortable with bureaucrats potentially deciding what they may post or see online.

Many famous Canadian artists and authors, like Margaret Atwood, have expressed serious concerns with C-11 and I want to hear from you on what you think.

Do you believe that C-11 will have an impact on your free speech rights online?