Dear Constituent,

In their 4-1 decision, the Alberta Court of Appeal ruled that the Ottawa Liberals’ carbon tax is a “constitutional Trojan Horse” that contains no limits on the scope of power of the federal government.

The ruling upholds the idea that provinces are best situated to make policy decisions for their own citizens. The ‘Ottawa-knows-best’ attitude of the Ottawa Liberals disrupts the constitutional balance of our federation and undermines the right of Albertans to manage our own affairs

The carbon tax is not an environmental policy, it’s a revenue policy that makes everything more expensive, while doing nothing to reduce emissions. According to the independent Parliamentary Budget Officer, the Ottawa Liberals would have to raise their carbon tax by an additional $50 per tonne by 2030 in order to meet Canada’s Paris Targets. This would increase the price of gasoline by 23 cents a litre. I, along with my conservative colleagues, will continue to defend the Constitution of Canada by urging the federal Liberals to follow the order of the court, and scrap their punishing carbon tax on Alberta families.

In your service,

Tom Kmiec, MP
Calgary Shepard


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Office of Tom Kmiec, MP