Stop the Expansion of Assisted Suicide to Children


The Trudeau Liberals are looking to expand assisted suicide (or MAID) to children and babies. This is a far overreach from the initial guardrails put around the controversial law.

The NDP-Bloc-Liberal controlled parliamentary committee on MAID have heard from witnesses, including doctors, testifying on behalf of their professional colleges calling for the expansion of assisted suicide to children. Some witnesses have said the expansion should happen and exclude parents. A Quebec doctor on behalf of his professional college said that children as young as babies because of birth defects, severe illnesses and chronic pain should be eligible. I personally know that a life, short-lived or not, can have major positive  impact on the lives of those related to the person.

The Liberal government has delayed the decision until next year and only public pressure will stop further expansion of the assisted suicide laws in Canada.

If you are against the expansion of assisted suicide to children and babies, sign this petition.

Parliamentary Report HERE