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The Conservative Pipeline Plan


The Liberal government has made no secret of its anti-Alberta agenda. Their anti-pipeline law C-69 will ensure no new pipelines are built in Canada according to energy sector CEOs. The shipping tanker ban law, C-48, is shutting down all opportunities for shipping off the coast of Canada without Indigenous input. Under the watch of the Liberal government, Canada has lost 7,000 kms of proposed pipelines, well over 100,000 jobs have been lost, and over $100 billion in energy investment has fled the country. An expert analysis by the CD Howe Institute estimated the investment over the past 3 years is equivalent to another 4.5% to our GDP.

Andrew Scheer, the leader of the Official Opposition, has announced the steps he would take to reverse the Liberal government’s failed energy policies and ensure that Canada is a place where energy investments are encouraged—not scared away. These steps include:

  1. Repeal the Liberal Carbon Tax
  2. Repeal Bill C-69, the Anti-Pipeline Bill
  3. End the ban on shipping traffic on the North Coast of British Columbia
  4. Enact legislation that will:
    1. Clarify roles of proponents and governments in consultations
    2. End foreign-funded interference in regulatory hearings
    3. Provide certainty on approval timelines and schedules