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COVID-19 | Economic Relaunch

For many weeks now we have been patiently waiting for the return to a new normal.

We know that the months ahead will test the grit of Albertans. The measures taken in the fight against the viral pandemic have helped to ‘plank the curve’ and limit the spread of COVID-19. Alberta’s provincial government, under the leadership of Premier Kenney, have announced a tentative plan for Alberta’s economic relaunch to gradually lift the government-enforced shutdown of the free market economy in three main stages.




Timeline: as early as May 14

Summary: allows some businesses and facilities to resume full operations as early as May 14 with enhanced infection prevention and controls in place. Mask use will be strongly recommended in crowded public spaces, like mass transit, that do not allow for physical distancing of 2 metres apart.

Major restrictions lifted:

  • • Cafes, restaurants, pubs and bars can reopen for public seating at 50% capacity but with restrictions on how to order.
  • • Some retail (book, clothing, farmer’s vendors) and personal services
  • • Daycares, out-of-school care and summer camps, with occupancy limits. Post-secondary institutions will continue course delivery.
  • • More scheduled surgeries and dental procedures.

Continuing restrictions

  • • Gatherings of more than 15 people will not be permitted. Gatherings of 15 people or fewer must follow physical distancing and other public health guidelines.
  • • Visiting patients in health care facilities will remain limited.
  • • In-school classes for kindergarten to Grade 12 students will remain prohibited.


  • • Non-essential travel, especially outside the province, will continue to not be recommended.
  • • Remote working is advised where possible.



Timing: Determined by the success of Stage 1

Summary: Allow additional businesses and services to reopen and resume operations with 2 metre physical distancing requirements and other public health guidelines in place. Larger gatherings will be permitted in some situations (number of people yet to be determined)

Major restrictions lifted:

  • • Potential opening of K-12 schools, libraries and movie theaters, with restrictions.
    • • Additional personal services e.g massage and facial treatments among others
    • • Restaurants, cafes, lounges and bars continue operating at reduced capacity.


  • • Non-essential travel will continue to not be recommended.



Timing: Stage 3 timing will be determined based on health indicators.

Summary: Some restrictions and enhanced protection controls will remain in place.

Major restrictions lifted:

  • • Fully reopening all businesses and services, with some restrictions.
  • • Larger gatherings permitted (number of people to be determined).
  • • Arts and culture festivals, concerts and major sporting events will be permitted with restrictions.
  • • Nightclubs, gyms, pools, recreation centres and arenas will reopen, with restrictions.
  • • Industry conferences can resume, with restrictions.
  • • No restrictions on non-essential travel.

Continuing restrictions

  • • Physical distancing restrictions will be maintained.




More detailed information can be found on the provincial government’s official website.


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