MP for Calgary Shepard

Live Town Halls

I am always looking for new ways to stay connected with constituents in Calgary Shepard, hear your concerns, and answer your questions. That is why I have a started doing regular live online town halls where constituents can ask me anything and I’ll do my best to answer.

Previously Aired Town Halls

Live Town Hall #14 – February 7, 2020
This episode: The future of 5G, the Liberal firearms ban, energy sector dithering, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and Flight 752.


Live Town Hall #12 – December 14, 2019
This episode: End of year update to Calgary Shepard constituents


Live Town Hall #11 – December 5, 2019
This episode: The top issues in the minority parliament ahead


Live Town Hall #10 – November 7, 2019
This episode: Post-election update from Ottawa.


Live Town Hall #9 – June 19, 2019
This episode: A real plan for the environment, Bill C-69, The Liberals attack on the energy sector, and why universal pharmacare won’t work.


Live Town Hall #8 – June 5, 2019
This episode: Firearms bans, Bill C-39, protecting our oceans, cannabis possession, and criminal justice.

Live Town Hall #7 – May 29, 2019
This episode: Liberal firearms Bill C-71, the green new deal, the need for pipelines, pharmaceuticals and drug pricing.

Live Town Hall #6 – May 15, 2019
This episode: the carbon tax, Bill C-69 (Liberal No More Pipelines Bill), climate change, Liberal ethical scandals, taxes, whales and dolphins

Live Town Hall #5 – May 1 ,2019
This episode: Jason Kenney’s UCP victory, Electoral Reform, Oil and Gas, Pipelines, Conservative plan for the environment.

Live Town Hall #4 – April 10, 2019
This episode: SNC-Lavalin corruption scandal, Bill C-71 and firearms owners, Conservative policies for 2019, and the carbon tax.

Live Town Hall #3 – March 20, 2019
This episode: Liberal’s 2019 cover-up budget, the SNC-Lavalin corruption scandal, and the Liberals failings on pipelines!

Live Town Hall #2 – February  20th, 2019

Live Town Hall #1 – January 30th 2019